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Creare is active in development and application of advanced materials processing and component fabrication techniques, both as end products for our clients and as means to build components and devices for our project needs.

Our work blends our strength in fluid flow and heat transfer, control systems, experience in hardware design, and innovative ideas in fabrication operations. Our services range from analytical support to the complete design, construction, and testing of prototype equipment. We work across technologies ranging from thin film processing for electronics to precision stamping and forming.

Examples of our results include:

  • Thermal spray process innovations and exotic coating deposition
  • Thermal and fluid design of chemical vapor deposition reactors
  • Envelop® protection systems for the prevention and mitigation of marine corrosion
  • A laser micromachining facility for production of capillary evaporators
  • Processes and equipment for superplastic forming
  • Methods to compact and tailor the pore size in porous and foamed metals

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