Software and Data Acquisition Systems

Data acquisition systemCreare provides a broad range of software-related services and products for scientific and engineering applications. We develop powerful graphical, numerical, and simulation applications and specialize in turnkey integrated systems for real-time processing and data acquisition. Whether building a large laboratory data system or a fluid flow modeling package, we routinely employ cutting edge concepts in graphics, architecture, and network communications to yield powerful, easy-to-use products.

We offer both custom and off-the-shelf computer data acquisition and analysis solutions for engineering and scientific applications. Creare specializes in providing full integration services which include instrumentation, signal conditioning, data acquisition equipment, computers, peripherals, and high performance software linking together all aspects of system operation. We relish challenging scenarios involving high channel counts and data rates, high performance real-time processing, and continuous gapless data acquisition.

Our current software product in this area is:

Beyond the laboratory, Creare develops software for a wide range of engineering applications, specializing in the development of advanced modeling and simulation tools for complex physical processes. Here, we combine our extensive experience in fluid dynamics, heat transfer, and other disciplines with skills in numerical algorithm development, software architecture, embedded expert systems, and user interface design. Examples of our work include:

We currently offer one standard software product in this area:

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