With the addition of our Centerra Park site (shared with Edare), we now have 80,000 square feet of office, laboratory, shop, and library space. The laboratories and experimental facilities allow the performance of work ranging in scale from the microscopic to large outdoor experiments, over temperatures ranging from liquid helium to that of plasmas, and time scales ranging from microseconds to many days. In addition to multipurpose labs we have a chemistry lab, materials lab with a scanning electron microscope, cleanroom, electronics lab, cryogenic test facilities, and outdoor test pads.

Creare’s fabrication facilities support the full spectrum of work we perform. The machine shops are equipped with CNC and manual lathes and mills, as well as extensive welding, soldering, and brazing equipment. Our standard machine shop is augmented with a high-purity vacuum furnace, electroplating equipment, laser machining equipment, precision stamping presses, and proprietary custom electric discharge machining centers. Specialty fabrication facilities include sputtering systems and a reactive ion etcher. We place special emphasis on precision work, and the development of innovative fabrication techniques.

Extensive, up-to-date computer facilities provide support for software development, numerical simulation, computer-aided design and fabrication, and laboratory data acquisition. Additional in-house support facilities include a fully-equipped electronics shop, high-speed motion picture and still cameras, and video imaging systems. Creare also maintains a computerized Technical Information Service, and has access to the extensive library collections of Dartmouth College.