Creare creates customer value by solving critical engineering problems. We resolve difficult issues in product design, performance, and manufacturing to enable our clients to reach their goals for technical performance, manufacturing speed, and cost. We provide a broad range of contract R&D services to clients in government and industry.

Technology commercialization has been a key part of Creare’s mission since our founding in 1961. Since the advent of the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program in 1982, Creare has been highly successful in commercializing the results of our SBIR projects through licensing of our technology to other firms, creation of spin-off organizations and new ventures, and sales of custom or specialized products. A few of the many examples of our SBIR successes include a cryocooler for the Hubble Space Telescope, a spin-off dedicated to micromachining, licensing of Envelop® protective coverings, and delivery of specialized equipment for aircraft carrier catapults. To date, we can trace almost $700 million in revenues at Creare, our technology licensees, and spin-offs to commercialization of Creare SBIR projects.

If you have an interest in discussing commercialization of a Creare technology—those shown on this website provide just a sampling—please contact us to discuss the opportunity.