Creare’s success depends upon the technical excellence of its staff. Most of our engineers have advanced degrees, and all bring an unusual depth of understanding to their work. The skill and dedication of our staff enable us to respond with speed, precision, and ingenuity, as evidenced by our client base of elite organizations around the world.

The depth of experience of Creare engineers in their fields brings an understanding of the trade-offs between advanced technology, uncertainty, and risk. Since our founding in 1961, Creare staff have performed thousands of projects for a diverse array of industries and clients, both large and small. Creare engineers come from multiple disciplines, including mechanical, electrical, materials, nuclear, software, and aerospace engineering, and our solutions are as varied as the problems presented to us.

The name Creare comes from the Latin “to create,” and creativity defines our staff. Creare engineers hold numerous patents in areas ranging from threaded fasteners to network data servers, and we specialize in innovative solutions to the specific technical challenges faced by our clients.

Dr. Jay Rozzi
Dr. Jay Rozzi Vice President, Principal Engineer
Jay Rozzi has been with Creare since 1999. He leads the Advanced Manufacturing business area at Creare, which has led to innovations in cryogenic machining, laser-assisted machining, and laser-assisted consolidation/curing of composites. Jay earned his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University. An avid skier and active father of two very athletic sons, Jay and his wife live in Hanover, NH.
Jeff Breedlove
Jeff Breedlove Principal Engineer
Jeff leads development of advanced power systems and thermodynamic components for a broad range of challenging applications that enable seafloor power, space exploration, missile defense, waste-to-energy conversion, and residential cogeneration of electricity and heat.  He earned BS and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering from MIT before joining Creare in 1996.  In his free time, he enjoys fitness, athletic competition, skiing, international travel, and adventure.
Dr. Odile Clavier
Dr. Odile Clavier Principal Engineer
Odile leads a Creare business area centered on using innovative technologies to lower the cost of healthcare, while increasing access for a variety of populations. After joining Creare in 2003, she focused on hearing-related devices, eventually expanding to neurocognitive and mental health. Odile holds a PhD in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Stanford University. She enjoys traveling, swimming and spending time with her husband and three daughters in Plainfield, NH.
Dr. Patrick Magari
Dr. Patrick Magari President, Principal Engineer
Patrick has spearheaded a wide variety projects in the fields of cryogenics, biomedical engineering, electronic devices, signal analysis and energy conversion systems. He received a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from Syracuse University. Patrick has been with Creare since 1993. Patrick is an avid builder who enjoys working with earth, stone, concrete, steel and wood. He spends much of his spare time building his future hillside home in Plainfield, NH on a large property where he currently lives with his wife and two sons.
Dr. Mike Izenson
Dr. Mike Izenson Principal Engineer
Mike’s broad experience in heat and mass transfer includes the development of compact heat exchangers, high-density hydrogen storage technology, and efficient thermoelectric power systems. He earned a PhD in Nuclear Engineering from MIT. He joined Creare in 1986. Mike was a co-founder and served as treasurer and board chair for Crossroads Academy, a local independent K-8 school. He and his wife own and tend a small horse farm in Hanover, NH.
Dr. Mark Zagarola
Dr. Mark Zagarola Principal Engineer
After joining Creare in 1995, Mark has focused his efforts on the development of advanced spaceflight hardware. He leads our turbo-Brayton cryogenic cooler business area. Mark received his PhD from Princeton University in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering.
Dr. Bruce Pilvelait
Dr. Bruce Pilvelait Principal Engineer
Bruce has directed the Electronics R&D and Manufacturing Group at Creare for more than 20 years.  Under his leadership, Creare has developed and delivered innovative new products for aircraft launch and recovery, electronic power systems and cryogenic control systems. Bruce earned his PhD in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Clarkson University.