Industrial-Strength Consulting – Engineering Services from Creare

Industrial-Strength Consulting – Engineering Services from Creare

Throughout its history, Creare has maintained a balanced portfolio of industrial and government customers. We are recognized in industry circles as a valuable problem solver and an innovative partner for product development. Creare is responsive to the quick tempo of industrial development. Working in close collaboration with the client’s technical team, we are more than just “engineers for hire” – the consulting services we provide include guidance, advice, and critical direction in order to meet the customer’s goals.

Creare engineers create value by solving our clients’ most difficult problems.  By applying rigorous analytical and experimental methods, we innovate to create new technological solutions.  We work closely with our clients to integrate the newly-developed technologies into their products, systems and processes.

Our clients include large and small companies in the aerospace, defense, medical, energy, process, and manufacturing industries.  Projects have ranged from just a few days to a year or more in length.

Creare is a Highly-Valued Partner

For example, we carried out the evaluation of a wide range of advanced electronics cooling concepts for a leading semiconductor company.  This work included the development and demonstration of a miniature vapor compression refrigeration system to provide efficient, high performance cooling of electronic components in notebook computer. In a related project, we evaluated designs for microchannel heat sinks to be used in single-phase and two-phase pumped loops for remote cooling of computer microprocessors.

Other industry-sponsored projects over the past year have involved cryogenic system development, advanced heat exchangers, biopharmaceutical production, and conversion of waste to energy. One recent client described the relationship this way: “Since our company’s inception…the Creare team has continually worked side-by-side with ours to understand and solve critical design and engineering challenges. Their valued counsel has aided us in developing a new, innovative technology.”

This story was featured in the Fall 2017 edition of Creare’s People & Technology newsletter.