Innovative Creare Drones Presented to American Geophysical Union

Innovative Creare Drones Presented to American Geophysical Union

The Centennial American Geophysical Union (AGU) conference in San Francisco attracted nearly 30,000 attendees from a broad range of earth and space sciences backgrounds. The AGU conference provides a venue for academics, government, and industry to present science research and related technology to the larger earth sciences community. Creare presented two posters at the conference related to our drone platforms:

•      “Scalable Long-Endurance Autonomous Drone Platforms for Atmospheric Observations”
•      “A Novel Aerial Platform for Long-Range Exploration of the Titan Atmosphere and Surface”

Creare develops drone platforms and sensors to meet the needs of numerous atmospheric science missions. Our drones range in size from small electrical platforms weighing less than one pound to 55 pound fuel-powered platforms with multiday flight endurance.

We also adapted a terrestrial ring-wing drone platform for space science missions, specifically planetary exploration of Saturn’s moon Titan. The dense atmosphere and low gravity on Titan create an ideal environment for low power drone flight. Flying in the Titan atmosphere only requires a small fraction of the power needed on Earth. Creare’s Titan Ringlet Drone will support atmospheric sensing, photographic survey and scouting, and sample collection missions.

For more information about our drone systems please see the posters presented at the AGU conference for terrestrial drone applications, Poster Link, and space missions, eLightning Poster Link.